Regional Obstetrics Courses

Registration Pricing

Contracted Hospitals including Doctor's Modesto, Dominican, El Camino, Salinas Valley Memorial, and Sutter Maternity Center Santa Cruz: Free

Non-Contract Hospitals including Good Samaratin, Sierra Vista, Sequoia, Watsonville, LPCH: $100

All Other Hospitals (not listed above): $125



We have the dates and venues reserved for our 2019 Spring Obstetrical classes:  

- Wedensday, May 15, 2019 High Risk OB at Quadrus Conference Center, Menlo Park

Topics and course objectives will be posted shortly.  

Register here for High Risk OB class

- Thursday, May 30, 2019 AFM at Hilton Hotel, Santa Cruz

Register here for AFM class

- Wednesday, June 5, 2019 OB Hot Topics at Quadrus Conference Center, Menlo Park 

Topics and course objectives will be posted shortly.

Register here for OB Hot Topics class

SAVE THE DATE- Upcoming Events

Spring 2019 Regional Classes 


- 4/19 Menlo Park

- 5/7 Santa Cruz


- 5/15 Menlo Park

-5/30 Santa Cruz

-6/5 Menlo Park