Region 4 Connect and Confer

The purpose of Connect and Confer is to provide nurse leaders with an opportunity to network, share ideas, discuss practice issues, plan regional education classes, disseminate information and ultimately develop strategies to improve the quality of perinatal care. This group meets bi-annually.

MCCPOP Nursing Leadership Listserv (Private Group for Nurse Leaders in Region 4):
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Quality Improvement Council (QI)

The Regional QI Committee/Council meets a minimum of two times a year.  This group includes representatives of perinatal providers in the community including physicians, nurses, educators/CNS's, social workers and hospital administrators. The Committee reviews region-specific data and determines quality improvement projects based on MCAH priorities with outcome improvement potential. Issues of special interest include consumer and professional education, discharge planning and home care, maternal and neonatal transport and referral, consumer access to care, legislation, data collection and evaluation, and specific clinical issues (e.g. diabetes). Currently the committee has formed a Disaster Task Force that is working on a Regional Disaster Plan and Toolkit.

Upcoming Events

Fall High Risk Neo Webinars

November 28: 11:00am - 1:00pm

OB Webinars